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Elkhart County Feral Cat Coalition Incorporated

> Advocate for Free roaming community cats in Elkhart Co

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Working on the root cause of cat overpopulation through public education and TNR >> Trap-Neuter-Return


ECFCC is a volunteer driven organization.

Incorporated March of 2009
Non-profit 501(c)(3) federal tax exempt charity status March of 2010
Mission Statement

Humanely reduce the free-roaming cat population of Elkhart County


Our Vision

Eliminate unnecessary killing of un-owned, free-roaming cats


What are Free-roaming cats?

Feral or Stray cats

~Strays are cats or kittens who have been pets and are tame and friendly.

~Ferals are cats or kittens that were not socialized with humans at an early age, they cannot be socialized, cannot be indoor pets are wild and will run when they see you


Elkhart County Community Cats
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If you are feeding unowned outdoor (community) cats, providing them water and shelter you are on the path to being a colony caretaker.  Check out our TNR page to learn what else you can do to HELP them and also end the cycle of feral kitten births.  Register your colony today and become part of the solution!!
  Learn the Steps to Proper Colony Management and how to educate others on the benefits of TNR and what resources are available. 
  Learn the right way to trap freightened feral cat(s) by attending a training session or assisting in the field
We are committed to developing an effective strategy for the Permanent Reduction of Feral and Stray Cat Population in Elkhart County 
Stay Informed by visiting our website for updates on our progress
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to find out more about the events planned for 2014 click on Events
Learn why TNR is the only humane way to address the growing cat population by going to our Education Center
Make a difference and donate today!
P.O. Box 2196
Elkhart, IN  46515-2196