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Colony Gear


Colony Gear

As mentioned throughout the website colonies need the basics from their caretaker.

  1. Shelter that is warm in winter and protective at all times.
  2. Fresh water daily.
  3. Food on a daily schedule
1. Shelter

To the right is one of the shelters we have available for caretaker purchase. It houses 1 to 3 cats depending on their size and familiarity.

Size and material are the 2 most important factors. This model also has a removable roof for easy cleaning, which should be done 1 to 2 times per year, see the Winter Cat Care page for important information on shelters. Only fill with Straw to help keep them warm and dry through the cold and wet seasons in Northern Indiana.

Food grade Diatomaceous Earth is also available to sprinkle in the shelter to help with external parasites and fleas, see the DE – Parasite control page for more information.

2. Fresh Water daily

This can be challenging with Elkhart’s freezing winters, which makes the heated water bowls very important for the health welfare of a colony.

Go to the Winter Cat Care page for options to keep water from freezing if an electrical outlet is not accessible to allow for a heated water bowl.

3. Food on Daily Schedule  – Feeding Stations help keep food dry year round

Not only will a feeding station keep the food dry but also keeps it off the ground and less susceptible to ants, however if ants do find the food you will want to make sure you only put out what will be eaten during the feeding and if you sprinkle Food grade Diatomaceous Earth around and on the edges of the feeder and pans the ants will leave the food alone, tried and tested.

Food stations can also be made from plastic totes on side, just make sure they don’t collect water and that you weigh them down so they don’t blow away. Go to the Winter Cat Care page for important information on feeding during the colder months.


ECFCC cares about the over-all physical needs of the animals we serve. As important as spaying and neutering is, we reach beyond that to encompass all of their basic needs in order to ensure a good quality of life.

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