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Winter Dangers

Elkhart Feral Cats

Winter Dangers


Please observe these winter precautions to keep cats safe: HONK YOUR HORN or BANG ON THE HOOD of your car then count to 10 before starting the car, it is very common for outdoor cats to seek the warmth of a car engine.

Check under vehicle

Also check between the tires – cats will sometimes hide underneath the car for warmth that radiates down from the engine.


If you see any leaks under your car (greenish liquid) clean it up as quickly as possible. See below for more info on the danger!


Stay away from salt and chemical melting products. These products can be toxic to animals and harmful to their natural snowshoes ——paws!

Antifreeze poisoning

Winter is also the time of year for antifreeze, which is highly toxic, your outdoor cats can become exposed if it’s leaking from a car radiator onto a garage floor, driveway or the street. This sweet tasting poison is appealing to animals and ingestion of a very small amount can lead to rapid kidney failure and death within a very short period of time.
Immediate veterinary care is necessary to prevent the toxin from being absorbed into your pet’s liver.

Used antifreeze is just as toxic and may also contain metals, such as copper, zinc and lead. All, new and used, must be safely stored and disposed of in order to avoid tragic consequences.

Ice-Melting Chemicals and Salt

With winter snow brings Ice-melting chemicals and salt placed across sidewalks and roads. These products can cause severe burning to animals paws. They can also irritate the cat’s skin and mouth (from licking their paws) Signs to watch for: excessive drooling, depression and vomiting.

Keep them safe by shoveling the drive, patio and sidewalk clear of snow and use sand if ice develops. This is not only better for your outdoor friends but also your lawn and landscaping.


ECFCC cares about the over-all physical needs of the animals we serve. As important as spaying and neutering is, we reach beyond that to encompass all of their basic needs in order to ensure a good quality of life.

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